Table 2 gld-1 and puf-8 function redundantly to suppress the development of spermatogenesis-dependent tumor in hermaphrodites
GenotypePercent of Worms With Tumorous GermlineTotal Number of Worms
Hermaphrodites grown at 20°
 gld-1(q485); puf-8(zh17)100134
 gld-1 (RNAi); puf-8(q725)10048
 gld-1 (RNAi); puf-8(ok302)10072
 gld-1(RNAi); puf-8(RNAi)100288
 rrf-1(ok589) gld-1 (RNAi); puf-8(RNAi)100122
 gld-1(q485); puf-8(zh17); spe-6(hc49)100208
 gld-1(RNAi) mek-2(q425); puf-8(RNAi)100174
 gld-1(q485) mek-2(RNAi); puf-8(zh17)10044
 gld-1(RNAi); puf-8(RNAi); spe-6(hc49)100174
Hermaphrodites grown at 25°
 rrf-1(ok589); puf-8(RNAi)45102
 gld-1(q485/+); puf-8(zh17)94147
Effect of masculinization
 puf-8(zh17); fem-3(q20), grown at 20°0324
 gld-1(RNAi); puf-8(zh17); fem-3(q20), grown at 20°100204
 gld-1(q485); fem-3(q20), grown at 20°1260
gld-1(q485); fem-3(q20), grown at 15°a100a72
  • * Germline tumor in these worms was the gld-1-type. See Results and Figure 3 for more details. See Table S1 for the complete description of the genotypes, which includes the marker mutations.