Table 1 Transgenic cas9 lines used in this study
Construct(s)Name (s)Cas9 Coding Sequencea (Addgene Plasmid Number)Integration Site of cas9 Construct (Chromosome Arm)Reference
act-cas9bCFD1; BL54590Hs_Cas9 (41815, 62209)attP-ZH2a (X)Port et al. (2014)
vasa-cas9BL56552Hs_Cas9 (42230)attP-VK00037 (2L)Gratz et al. (2014)
vasa-cas9bBL51324Hs_Cas9 (42230)attP-VK00027 (3R)Gratz et al. (2014)
vasa-cas9bBL51323Hs_Cas9 (42230)attP-ZH2a (X)Gratz et al. (2014)
vasa-cas9BL52669Hs_Cas9 (41815)attP-ZH2a (X)Sebo et al. (2013)
nos-cas9bCFD2; BL54591Hs_Cas9 (41815, 62208)attP-ZH2a (X)Port et al. (2014)
nosG4VP16 UAS-cas9bCFD3_nos; BL54593Dm_Cas9attP2 (3L)Port et al. (2014)
nos-cas9:GFPbCFD8Hs_Cas9:GFP (42234)attP-ZH2a (X)Port et al. (2014)
nos-cas9TH00787.NDr_Cas9attP2 (3L)Ren et al. (2013)
nos-cas9TH00788.NDr_Cas9attP40 (2L)Ren et al. (2013)
nos-cas9CAS-0001Hs_Cas9 (41815)attP40 (2L)Kondo and Ueda (2013)
nos-cas9CAS-0002Hs_Cas9 (41815)Random insertion (X)Kondo and Ueda (2013)
nos-cas9CAS-0003Hs_Cas9 (41815)Random insertion (3)Kondo and Ueda (2013)
nos-cas9CAS-0004Hs_Cas9 (41815)Random insertion (2 (CyO balancer))Kondo and Ueda (2013)
  • act, actin5C; nos, nanos; BL, Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center stock number; Hs, Homo sapiens; Dm, Drosophila melanogaster; Dr, Danio rerio.

  • a Species refers to codon optimization; all constructs express Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9 protein.

  • b Lines that were also evaluated in Port et al. (2014).