Table 1 Comparative shape space orientations
ComparisonObserved AngleRange of 95% C.I.s
LM vs. F2 RW158.50.12–69.88
F2 vs. LF/TRC RW1750.02–82.57
F2 vs. LF/TRC RWs 1 and 270.70.96–85.30
F2 vs. LF/TRC RWs 1–383.91.81–86.08
F2 vs. LF/TRC RWs 1–467.02.53–94.94
F2 vs. LF/TRC RWs 1–5100.5*3.28–98.11
  • The range of bootstrap C.I.s for the observed angles between shape species (eigenvectors) were calculated by resampling data from both groups. Orientations were not considered significantly different if the observed angle fell within the range of C.I. values. Orientations that are significantly different are denoted with an asterisk