Table 2 Number of genotypes, replicates, and plots of early generation progeny and control varieties contributing to cycle 1 (2010) and cycle 2 (2013) field experiments
Cycle 1Cycle 2
Early generation progeny11391077
S0 progeny95919594301430
S2 selfs of parent plants13311336091609
F2 progeny4714738138
Control varieties3015
Control varieties 2 reps29258
Control varieties 3 reps133
Control varieties 11 reps11111
Control varieties 14 reps11414
Control varieties 22 reps522110
Control varieties 23 reps42392
Control varieties 24 reps42496
Total varieties tested11691092
Total plots12001400
  • Fourteen of the control varieties provided genotypic concurrence across cycles. S0 progeny have heterozygous parents; F2 progeny have fixed line parents.