Table 3 Comparison between CNVRs detected in the study with those in the previous reports
StudyCNVR Detected in the Previous StudiesOverlaps in This Study
MethodsSampleCNVRs DetectedLength Range (kb)Median (kb)Mean (kb)Total (Mb)CountCount PercentageTotal Length (kb)Length Percentage
Fadista et al. 2008aCGH (385k)12371.74–61.926.899.320.4310.137.370.02
Ramayo-Caldas et al. 2010SNP chip (60k)554944.65–10,715.82170.96754.5936.9730.40256.70.54
Wang et al. 2012SNP chip (60k)4743825.03–2702.75142.90250.6995.76101.32678.11.43
Li et al. 2012aCGH (720k)122592.30–155098.7465.0716.85557.261824.23.85
Chen et al. 2012SNP chip (60k)169356550.39–8102.06252.71247.55139.8710613.9810,387.721.90
Rubin et al. 2012Genome sequencing11719280.12–175.503.005.2310.0816521.775217.311.00
Wang et al. 2013SNP chip (60k)14633.20–827.2197.85158.379.98141.852178.34.59
Paudel et al. 2013Genome sequencing1631186.00–96.0010.0012.7439.7221027.7010,996.427.18
Wang et al. 2014aCGH (2.1M)1213443.37–1319.0111.1135.5647.7928337.3321,178.644.65
Jiang et al. 2014Genome sequencing13313110.00–555.1318.3332.84102.846761.6129,910.863.06
This studyaCGH (1M)127587.02–2635.2920.9362.5747.43
  • Note: The comparison was based on Sus scrofa assembly (10.2). For CNVRs based on the other porcine assembly, we first converted the data to current genome coordinates using the UCSC LiftOver tool (