Table 1 New docking lines for A. gambiae transgenesis
Docking Line and ChromosomeGenomic LocationParental Line (Genetic Background); Mode of Generation
XKXX: 22463468aFK (Ngousso); crossed to Cre-expressing line C2S
X12L2L: 10526503VFS1 (G3); transient Cre expression
X132L2L: 11322315VFS13 (G3); transient Cre expression
X63R3R: 53037011W62 (G3); transient Cre expression
  • Lines derive from piggyBac construct insertions at the shown genomic loci and were obtained by subsequent Cre-mediated excision of a lox cassette encompassing the fluorescent marker and other transgenes. The docking sites are therefore marker-free, flanked by piggyBac borders, and contain a single residual loxP site. The full, annotated sequence of each insertion is available in File S1.

  • a Docking site is located within a 232-bp sequence element found in strain Ngousso and not present at this position in the PEST reference genome.