Table 1 Sordaria macrospora strains used in this study
Wild type (S91327)Wild typeStrain collectiona
fus1-1 (S84595)Spore color mutant(Nowrousian et al. 2012)
∆ku70 (S96888)∆ku70(Pöggeler and Kück 2006)
∆sec22 (S121397)∆sec22This study
SEC22-GFP-NA (ST13.1)∆sec22::Psec22::sec22-gfpThis study
SEC22-GFP-OE (S119860)∆sec22::Pgpd::sec22-gfpThis study
∆chs7-1 (S123091)∆chs7-1This study
∆chs7-2 (S123107)∆chs7-2This study
∆chs7-3 (S123114)∆chs7-3This study
∆chs7-4 (S123147)∆chs7-4This study
  • All strains are single ascospore isolates.

  • a Strain collection at the Department of General and Molecular Botany, Bochum.