Table 1 Plasmid constructs
PlasmidRelevant Genotype (Derivation)Source/Reference
pMM5E. coli chromosomal dnaQ+/rnhA+ -containing EcoRI fragment inserted into EcoRI site of pBR322Maki et al. 1983
pMM5ZpMM5; AatII restriction site replaced with BglII using primers BglII #1(5′-TGAGATCTCGCAA CGT-3′) & BglII #2(5′-TGCGAGATCTCAACGT-3′)This work
Primary libraryGPS-LS Mutagenesis of pMM5ZThis work
Secondary libraryPrimary library subcloned into fresh pMM5Z backbone, removing clones with insertions outside the region of interest (PstI-DraIII)This work
Final librarySecondary library with majority of transposon excised, leaving behind a 15-bp insertionThis work
pMAK705Rep(ts), camR, M13mp13 polylinker insertHamilton et al. 1989