Table 6 RIP-induced ad-7 mutants from Dp(EB4) × E
85 Aa6 (2)69 (42)45 (6)40 (6)11
  • Comparison of ad-7 gene sequences from 85 A (N. tetrasperma FGSC 1270 KP006652); Nt (N. tetrasperma FGSC 2508 sequence ID GL891302, nucleotides 1022253 to 1024228); Nc (N. crassa OR74A FungiDB database ( NCU04216, nucleotides 5238499 to 5240480); and the RIP-induced mutant alleles RIP1 (KP006653), RIP2 (KP006654), RIP3C (KR349720), and RIP3T (KR349721). The RIP3C sequence corresponds to nucleotides 5238499 to 5240184 of the Nc sequence and RIP3T to nucleotides 1022550 to 1024228 of the Nt sequence. Numbers in parenthesis indicate nucleotide differences in the introns, and altered amino acid residues are listed below in bold. Superscripts indicate accession numbers of sequences determined in this work.

  • 85 A /Nt (4): T40T, S216S, I306I, F475F.

  • 85 A/Nc (27): T40T, F94F, S132S, D156D, D189D, R201R, S216S, L221L, F229F, L233L, G245G, Y264Y, I306I, D377D, A396A, A404A, A421A, P423P, V445V, A456A, P462P, F475F, G506G, T522T, E524D, I538I, H541H.

  • 85 A/RIP1 (39): H22Y, N97N, H106Y, I111I, L120F, Q122*, T130T, D131D, N139N, R222H, H249Y, Q250*, A268A, P270T, T272T, I273I, S391S, A396A, R399R, I402I, A404A, P409P, I410I, I411I, A421A, P423L, Q424*, L426L, H429Y, D435D, H439H, I440I, Q448*, H464Y, Q465*, T507T, N508N, V518V, H541Y.

  • 85 A/RIP2 (34): Q49*, Y72Y, N97N, G101G, I111I, L120F, H127Y, V153V, S203S, Y212Y, Q241*, Q245*, Q250*, Q254*, A291A, L298F, V303V, I309I, T315T, S324L, V341V, F345F, I346I, A363A, G383G, T384T, A396A, R399R, H414Y, N534N, H541Y, N542N, S546S.

  • 85 A/RIP3T (11): D133N, L136L, V153I, D157N, A161T, E167E, R168K, V175I, A177T, G181S, G192S.

  • Nc/RIP3C (4): V175V, Q247*, V445V, Q448*.

  • a KP006652.

  • b KP006653.

  • c KP006654.

  • d KR349720.

  • e KR349721.