Table 1 Evaluation of the training package
Evaluation of the training packageTotal, N = 35by Performance on Final e-AssessmentBy Student Cohort
≥70%, n = 1260–69%, n = 1348–59%, n = 10B&B, n = 13D&G, n = 22
Overall package
 Was the aim of the training achieved?838392707786
 Are you prepared for final assessment?717592406277
 How useful was the overall package?677575444680
 How useful was the manual?555858443170
 How useful was the marker activity?7367100446280
 How useful was the PowerPoint?736783677770
 How useful were the crossing tasks?707575565480
Helpfulness of the manual (module 1)
 Did it ... open your eyes for Drosophila as a model?786483907182 understand Mendelian rules, balancers and genetic markers?7810067607977 understand transgenic constructs?547133a6029a73 grasp the concept of mating schemes?657958605077
Helpfulness of the PowerPoint (module 3)
 Did you try to guess answers yourself? (Y/N)767969896786
 Did you guess correctly most of the times? (Y/N)768685567386
 Did you learn about ...mating scheme design?768677677381
 ...genetic markers?849392679381
 ...about Mendelian laws?737177787376
 ...the use of recombination?788662897381
 ...the use of balancers?817985788081 to use the curly bracket scheme?688662446071
 Would have learnt LESS without the manual?736283716772
Helpfulness of the Crossing tasks (module 4)
 Did the manual & PowerPoint prepare you well?45a504630a33a50
 Did the crossing tasks help your understanding?637169506068
 Did they improve your understanding?688654606073
 Were they a good way to test your understanding?667962505373
 Were they stimulating?556454504764
 Did you receive useful feedback?535738a7033a68
  • Data extracted from a questionnaire (File S2), completed in class, were broken down by performance on the e-assessment and by student cohorts. The possible answers for most questions were: 0: cannot remember; 1: not at all; 2: not really; 3: mixed results; 4: yes; 5: very much so, and the results presented are the percent of participants answering 4 or 5. In bold are the results ≥70%. For the two first questions of module 3, students could answer “yes or no” and the % of participants answering “yes” are presented. B&B, Biology and Biomedical Sciences degree program; D&G, Developmental Biology and Genetics degree program.

  • a Majority of participants answered 3.