Table 2 Phenotypic correlations
School: Latency to Join SchoolChoice: Time With SchoolChoice: Latency to Join SchoolChoice: Approaches to SchoolChoice: Time With PlantChoice: Latency to Join PlantChoice: Approaches to Plant
School: time with school−0.68a−0.77a−0.12a0.100.13a0.08−0.14a−0.040.32a0.40a−0.34a−0.43a0.010.20
School: latency to join school0.06−0.26a−−0.18−0.22a−0.200.25a0.23a−0.04−0.20
Choice: time with school−0.89a−0.80a0.95a0.85a−0.73a−0.60a0.55a0.41a0.16a0.12
Choice: latency to join school−0.92a−0.89a0.73a0.70a−0.58a−0.50a−0.12a−0.13
Choice: approaches to school−0.75a−0.67a0.57a0.44a0.15a0.22
Choice: time with plant−0.88a−0.83a0.15a0.34a
Choice: latency to join plant−0.33a−0.54a
  • Correlations between phenotypic variables from school-only (School) and choice (Choice) assay trials for backcrosses (BC) and F2 intercross (F2). Spearman’s Rho is reported.

  • a Indicates correlations with P-values below the FDR corrected thresholds of P < 0.04 for BC and P < 0.03 for F2.