Table 1 Individuals with genotypic and phenotypic data included in the evaluation of the WQS population
Both Phenotypic and Genotypic Data
CycleSilage YieldDry MatterNDFaADFaIVTDaCPaStarchGenotypic Data
WQS C000000005
WQS C1666066611
WQS C20b606060606060163
WQS C38080797979797988
WQS C4154154114114114114114170
WQS C50000000211
  • Population was selected for five cycles for silage yield and compositional traits.

  • a NDF, neutral detergent fiber; ADF, acid detergent fiber; IVTD, in vitro true digestibility; CP, crude protein.

  • b Data for silage yield from WQS C2 was not included because of zero heritability (see Table 2).