Table 1 Genes surveyed and sample sizes
GeneFunctionNumber of Alleles Sampled
D. melanogasterD. simulans
cyc AaRegulation of cyst mitotic divisions
 Segment 1910
 Segment 2910
YbGSC maintenance and cytoblast  differentiation199
mei-P26aGSC maintenance1910
nosaGSC maintenance910
pumaGSC maintenance
 Segment 1179
 Segment 21110
 Segment 3199
 Segment 4187
piwiGSC maintenance106
stwlChromatin factor, GSC maintenance
 Segment 1188
 Segment 2159
zpgaGSC adherens junction and cystoblast  differentiation1810
  • a Indicates that gene has a genetic and/or physical interaction reported with bam. For pumilio, four separate regions were amplified and analyzed, labeled as 1-4. For stonewall and cycA two separate regions were amplified, labeled as 1 and 2. GSC, germline stem cell.