Table 4 Flowering time as a function of genetic background and RECQ4A genotype
DFSum of SquaresMean SquaresF ValueP-Value
Days to flowering
 RECQ4A genotype114014051.45e-12***
 Background x RECQ4A genotype1464617.14.6e-05***
Rosette leaf number
 Background1289628962429< 2e-16***
 RECQ4A genotype1105.5105.588.5< 2e-16***
 Background x RECQ4A genotype131.831.826.74e-07***
  • Flowering time phenotypes were scored among the wt and recq4a parents for both the Col-0 and Ws-2 genetic backgrounds. See Table S5 for details. *** indicates statistical significance at the level of 0.01 or less. DF: degrees of freedom.