Table 1 Costs of library preparation for 96-sample multiplexing with small quantities of DNA
Illumina Tru-Seq NanoOur Protocol
Price per sample$35.81$5.20
Price for 384 samples$13,751$1978
Special equipment neededCovaris S2,S220, E210, or M220
Bioanalyzer 2100 Desktop SystemBioanalyzer 2100 Desktop System
System for real-time PCR(System for real-time PCR)
DNA fluorometerDNA fluorometer
Magnetic plate holderMagnetic plate holder
  • Prices are based on the list price for the US market (in US dollars) and exclude the costs of the special equipment listed, plastic consumables such as 96-well PCR plates, optional steps and general laboratory reagents. Special equipment bracketed in parentheses indicates optional equipment needed for library quantification for normalization. See Table S3 for cost details. PCR, polymerase chain reaction.