Table 1 Marker name, position on LG8, χ2 value, parental genotypes, and estimated relative fitness of the three genotypic classes among F2 survivors of Cry3Bb1 treatment are given for each family
FamilyMarkerPosition, cMχ2 ValueResistant HopR GenotypeSusceptible BrookS GenotypewSSwRSwRR
  • wSS, wRS, and wRR represent, respectively, the relative fitness among Cry3Bb1-treated F2s for the BrookS/BrookS, BrookS/HopR, and HopR/HopR genotypes. For each family, the most significant F2-informative marker is given. The χ2 values given in the table translate to P-values of 6.9 × 10−31, 4.4 × 10−49, and 1.4 × 10−14, respectively, for families #11, #24, and #37.