Table 2 Genes involved in lipid metabolism are overrepresented among transcripts altered by larval ethanol exposure
Gene Ontology TermTotal on ArrayNumber ChangedPercent ChangedZ ScoreP
Phospholipase A1 activity11655%10.10.0
Pantetheine hydrolase activity33100%8.50.0
Glucosylceramidase activity33100%9.90.0005
Triglyceride lipase activity38821%6.60.002
Sphingolipid metabolic process22418%4.20.036
  • Analysis using the GO Elite software package indicates that five categories of lipid metabolism genes are significantly overrepresented among the transcripts altered by at least four-fold in ethanol-reared third instar larvae. The Z score is a normal approximation to the hypergeometric distribution. P values were calculated using Fisher’s exact test.