Table 5 Parameter estimates for B73, IBM x Lgn-R F1 and IBM x Lgn-R BC1 individuals using the Standard Least Squares model
Model ParametersLeaf WidthaLeaf LengthaPlant Heighta
DFbSSF RatioP ValueSSF RatioP ValueSSF RatioP Value
Mutant x sol154.1733.40<0.001***917.8414.410.0002***5003.195.630.0188**
Whole model101498.6492.41<0.001***29971.5547.05<0.001***480587.9354.05<0.001***
  • DF, degrees of freedom; REML, restricted maximum likelihood; SS, xxx.

  • a Leaf length and width, as well as and plant height measurements, were made in 2011 (Gill Tract Farm; Albany, CA) for IBM x Lgn-R/+ individuals.

  • b DF calculated from a REML model. DFs are the same for each phenotype and are thus listed once.

  • c Different backgrounds were defined in 2011 data: B73, B73/Mo17, and IBM x Lgn-R/+ F1 individuals.

  • d sol is defined as the genotype of IBM x Lgn-R/+ individuals using marker umc2145. Genotypes are defined as B73, Mo17 or heterozygous B73/Mo17.

  • e BC1 IBM x Lgn-R/+ individuals were observed to be mutant (Lgn-R-like) or wild type (IBM sibling-like).

  • ** Denotes statistical significance at α = 0.01.

  • *** Denotes statistical significance at α = 0.001.