Table 3 Mean values of leaf morphology traits for “rescuing IBM” RIL x Lgn-R F1 deemed “rescued lines” as well as parent lines measured in West Lafayette, IN (2010)
Lgn-R F1 GenotypeaLengthbWidthLeaf AreaLbW
RILxLgn-R/+ (IBM18)43.474.19192.4512.07
RILxLgn-R/+ (IBM30)41.903.86198.0012.43
RILxLgn-R/+ (IBM69)39.533.91168.8711.67
RILxLgn-R/+ (IBM72)42.633.59166.6514.18
B73 (wild type)77.08.92687.508.65
Mo17 (wild type)65.838.33550.427.95
  • RIL, recombinant inbred line.

  • a RIL x Lgn-R/+ F1 genotypes were identified as rescued phenotypes in the 2010 West Lafayette, IN, growing season.

  • b Length, width, leaf area, and length by width (LbW) were phenotypic measurements made on the 6th leaf from the tassel. Leaf area (length × width) and LbW (length by width) measurements were calculated using length and width measurements.