Table 8 QTL identified for leaf architecture located within the Bayesian credible interval for the lgn QTL
QTLaSNP/IndelAGPv1 Position, bpb,cB73v2 PositiondChrbPos, cMbAllelebP ValuebEffectbPolymorphic between B73 and Mo17e
Leaf anglefm82PZE01114045567114045567115217353189.088A/G1.30E−110.59A/G (yes)
m82PZE01118507354118507354nag189.279G/−4.00E−130.70G/− (?)
m82PZE01148006384148006384na189.595T/C2.10E−110.90T/C (yes)
m82PZE01173899899173899899174030908194.380G/A3.00E−170.69G/A (yes)
Leaf lengthm52PZE01515335325153353251403200166.023G/T5.40E−135.06G/T (yes)
m52PZE015157572951575729na166.074C/T1.90E−125.65C/C (no)
m52PZE015202528252025282na166.624G/C4.50E−115.12G/− (?)
m69PZE01825707328257073283787495182.402T/G1.40E−195.78T/G (yes)
m69PZE018257090282570902na182.402−/ACGT3.40E−155.53−/− (?)
m69PZE019253186592531865na185.471T/C1.40E−246.69T/T (no)
nahPZE01101787357101787357na187.956C/T5.00E−086.25C/C (no)
naPZE01102256886102256886na188.027−/A9.00E−087.06−/− (?)
naPZE01136166765136166765na189.474T/C1.10E−06−7.58T/C (yes)
Leaf widthm56PZE015265527152655271na167.395G/C1.90E−141.29G/N (?_
m56PZE01535098265350982653422803168.440G/A6.60E−080.59G/G (v1) OR G/A (v2)
m56PZE01594241925942419259358936171.602C/G4.90E−090.95C/C (no)
naPZE01109523099109523099na188.813T/C9.10E−080.96T/N (?)
naPZE01139538038139538038na189.509A/C6.10E−121.05N/N (?)
naPZE01146105232146105232147197048189.575C/A2.20E−08−1.25C/A (yes)
naPZE01148471044148471044148404129189.599T/C8.10E−10−1.07T/C (yes)
naPZE01150965828150965828150898913190.012G/C3.70E−131.72G/G (no)
naPZE01153739401153739401153696642190.393A/G8.10E−171.95A/A (no)
  • QTL, quantitative trait loci; SNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism.

  • a QTL in which the SNP or indel falls within the supportive interval based on the cM position, as defined by Tian et al. (2011).

  • b The AGPv1 position, allele, P value, and effect are all taken from Tian et al. (2011).

  • c Each SNP or indel listed falls within the Bayesian credible interval (51409853 bp and 173228669 bp) for chromosome 1 for AGPv1 map.

  • d The SNP location is also listed from the B73 v2 position from

  • e B73 and Mo17 genotypes at indicated SNP position was determined from the Hap map v1 or v2 ( SNPs polymorphic between B73 and Mo17 are indicated as “yes.”

  • f QTL were previously identified by Tian et al. (2011) and are partitioned in the three different phenotypes: leaf angle, length, and width.

  • g Indicates that SNPs have yet to be mapped to B73v2 map.

  • h Indicates the SNP or indel listed falls outside the QTL supporting interval position (cm).