Table 6 Examination of main effects of sol, lcf, and location as well as genotype x environment (GxE) interactions calculated for leaf area across locations (IN and CA) using the 2009 dataset
Model ParametersDFaLeaf Area, CA and IN
SSF RatioP Value
lcf (nbp1)134059.6719.6343<0.0001***
sol (umc2145)1127130.1473.2865<0.0001***
lcf x1sol160631.4534.9521<0.0001***
lcf x locationb217149.374.94300.0087**
sol x location266084.3119.0478<0.0001***
lcf x sol x location230825.078.88480.0003***
Whole model11439921.6123.05<0.0001***
  • a DF is the degrees of freedom for each parameter in the model. The full model and error DFs are included.

  • b x indicates interaction between two or more parameters within the model. Genotype of sol and lcf were used for GxE; IN and CA define the location parameter. Main effects and interactions were calculated using a Standard Least Squares model (JMP, version 8.0.1, SAS Institute Inc., 2009).

  • ** Denotes statistical significance at α = 0.01.

  • *** Denotes statistical significance at α = 0.001.