Table 2 Interval mapping QTL summary for each trait
LOD scoreaMarkerbChrPositionCI.lowcCI.high5% LODd
Count GT4.01
Count IN14.04
Count IN24.242*bnl5.59a1133.597.51354.11
  • QTL, quantitative trait loci; LOD, xxx.

  • a The LOD score is indicated if a QTL was detected for that trait and noted with a * if the LOD score is above the experiment-wide permutation threshold at α = 0.05.

  • b Markers, chr (chromosome) and position are from the Illinois State University IBM map (version 4,

  • c Confidence intervals (CI.low and CI.high) are indicated for each QTL, with lower CI indicated as CI.low and the higher CI indicated as CI.high.

  • d The experiment-wide permutation threshold at α = 0.05 for each QTL, as calculated using R/qtl (see the section Materials and Methods).

  • * Denotes statistical significance at α = 0.05.