Table 3 Contents of α- + β-carotenes, β-cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein, α-tocopherol, α-tocotrienol, β-tocopherol, β-tocopherol, zinc, calcium, and iron in donor (ID388) and host (L118) parents and in 28 interspecific introgression lines
Compound or Microelement, mg/kgAverage ValueP Value of Difference Between ParentsNo. of Interspecific Introgression Lines (of 28) with Contents Significantlya Greater Than the Best Parent
α- + β-carotenes0.2090.220> 0.0517
β-cryptoxanthin0.0460.026≤ 0.0016
Lutein4.0394.452≤ 0.0516
Zeaxanthin0.1820.384≤ 0.0010
α-tocopherol8.37213.286≤ 0.0010
α-tocotrienol8.55616.406≤ 0.0010
β-tocopherol3.0004.513≤ 0.010
β-tocotrienol32.56638.129≤ 0.013
Zn0.7302.235≤ 0.0011
Fe0.4700.505≤ 0.050
Ca2.5553.710≤ 0.010
  • a Based on t-test; see the section Materials and Methods.