Table 2 Results of crosses among T. urartu (genome Au) and T. m. monococcum (genome Am) and fertility of the derived progenies
F1 Plants GrownF2 Plants GrownFurther Generations
No. PlantsNo. EarsNo. Spikelets testedTotal No. of Seeds% FertilityaNo. Plants% FertilityaNo. Plants% Fertility (Range)a
T. m. monococcumT. urartu
ID 396ID 1122553<30003<0.052280 (F3)0−84.5
80 (F3)8.5−89.0
ID 396ID 12771510000
L 118ID 3887700330.26−1.4450–3571 (S1BC5)
0–2348 (BC6)
T. m. boeoticumT. urartu
ID 752ID 112229274140.8−4.1629−77
ID 1277222200111.0−4.575−29
ID 139121320070.5−3.014
ID 39319373100−1.090.5−67
ID 758ID 112265360060−1.553−79
ID 126421220010−0.50
ID 127765256220−1.00
T. urartuT. m. monococcum
ID 1391ID 3961510073.50
T. urartuT. m. boeoticum
ID 1122ID 752125800
ID 1391ID 7581910000
ID 393ID 75254850000
ID 1264ID 75242733820 - 10
  • a Based on the assumption of 2 florets/spikelet.