Table 1 Biofilm gene GO processes for 71 genes that were essential for biofilm development and 100 genes that induced biofilm when deleted (all gene names are given in Table S3)
Mutants Making Significantly Less BiofilmMutants Making Significantly More Biofilm
GO Process AnnotationNo. of MutantsGO Process AnnotationNo. of Mutants
Biological process unknown19Mitochondrion organization38
Transcription from RNA polymerase promoter12Mitochondrial translation23
Protein targeting11Protein complex biogenesis13
Response to chemical7Cellular respiration10
Invasive growth in response to glucose limitation5Biological process unknown10
Pseudohyphal growth5Cell wall organization or biogenesis8
Carbohydrate metabolic process5Cellular amino acid metabolic process8
Protein complex biogenesis5Sporulation6
Regulation of transport4Transmembrane transport5
Nucleobase-containing small molecule metabolic process4Carbohydrate metabolic process5
Transmembrane transport4DNA replication4
Mitochondrion organization4Mitotic cell cycle4
Endosomal transport3Monocarboxylic acid metabolic process3
Sporulation3Cofactor metabolic process3
Cell wall organization or biogenesis3RNA splicing3
Signaling3Oligosaccharide metabolic process2
Membrane invagination2Membrane invagination2
Protein maturation2Protein glycosylation2
Organelle fusion2Telomere organization2
Cellular amino acid metabolic process2Cytokinesis2
Lipid metabolic process2Cytoplasmic translation2
Amino acid transport1Ion transport2
Protein folding1DNA-templated transcription, initiation1
Ribosomal large subunit biogenesis1Vesicle organization1
Cellular ion homeostasis1Cellular ion homeostasis1
Cytoplasmic translation1Meiotic cell cycle1
Protein farnesylation1Golgi vesicle transport1
Nucleobase-containing small molecule metabolic process1