Table 1 Quantitative changes in diploid strains vs. haploid strains
Significant decrease by FDR correctiond22611
No change by FDR correction11513
Significant increase by FDR correction020
Decrease by qualitative score1312
No change by qualitative score93
Increase by qualitative score29
  • The numbers of diploid strains that showed differences when compared with the related haploid strains across three quantitative metrics are shown. Quantitative values were compared using a paired two-tailed t-test assuming unequal variance across all technical replicates for each strain. P-values were evaluated for significance using the q-values package from Storey with the Benjamini-Hochberg method (Storey 2002).

  • a 23 strains.

  • b 23 strains.

  • c 24 strains.

  • d FDR = 0.05.