Table 2 Functional enrichment of highly variably expressed genes.
Cellular response to interferon-gamma2.41E−09
Cellular response to interferon-beta2.46E−07
Cellular response to lipopolysaccharide5.20E−07
Innate immune response2.21E−06
Positive regulation of angiogenesis7.20E−06
Defense response to protozoan8.26E−06
Regulation of the force of heart contraction1.57E−05
Neutrophil chemotaxis1.59E−05
Immune response1.72E−05
Brown fat cell differentiation3.25E−05
  • The top 10 enriched GO terms for genes variably expressed among all founder strains. The adjusted p-values are listed to the right. Dominance of immune-related functions can be seen in enrichment whose baseline is all DE genes, which already has high enrichment for immune functions