Table 1 Efficiency of germline-transmitted mutations
crRNA (ng)Number of Injected EmbryosNumber of G0 Adults ScreenedNumber of Mosaic G0 AdultsNumber of G0 FounderGermline Transmission Rate (%)Percentage of Mutants in F1 Offspring (%)
e (660)4004235022.6% (2/77)1.9–3.5
e (330)9001108102613.61% (26/191)1.8–25
sn (660)4006453357.81% (5/64)1.7–3.5
sn (330)40020163420% (4/20)2.4–8.4
sn (130)60082741000
  • G0 founders yielded at least one F1 mutant, the germline transmission rate is defined as the percentage of G0 founders/G0 adults screened, and the percentage of mutants in F1 offspring means the percentage of the F1 mutant/F1 adults in each clutch.