Table 3 Gene deletions that do not have the correct barcode
GeneGene IDBarcode Information
atg15ΔSPAC23C4.16cMatches with spo5
atp10ΔSPAC4G8.11cNo match
atp14ΔSPBC29A3.10cNo match
ctf1ΔSPBC3B9.11cNo match
lsk1ΔSPAC2F3.15Matches with mei4
mei4ΔSPBC32H8.11No match
mfr1ΔSPBC1198.12Matches with SPAC17H9.14c mfr1 knockout is not present as determined by PCR with flanking primers,
scd1ΔSPAC16E8.09Matches with mei4
spo5ΔSPBC29A10.02No match
spo6ΔSPBC1778.04No match
SPBC15C4.06cNo match
apq12ΔSPBC428.04Matches with cyp9
SPBC21H7.06cMatches with cyp9
SPAC139.01cMatches with nrd1
SPBC23G7.06cMatches with nrd1
SPBC1711.08Matches with nrd1