Table 1 Known maize meiotic genes with a specific function and maize homologs of well-established meiotic genes in other flowering plants
Known Gene
Protein NameGene IDFunction TimingFunctionReference0.15 mm0.25 mm0.4 mm0.7 mm1.0 mm
Ameiotic 1GRMZM5G883855Prophase ISwitch from mitotic to meiotic cell cyclePawlowski et al. 2009OffOnOffOnOn
AFD1/REC8GRMZM2G059037LepteneEstablishment of meiotic chromotin structureGloubovskaya et al. 2006OnOnOnOnOn
PHS1GRMZM2G100103Leptene-zygoteneHomology searchPawlowski et al. 2004OnOnOnOnOn
Rad51a1GRMZM2G121543Leptene-zygoteneRecombination, required for homologous pairingLi et al. 2007OnOnOnOnOn
Rad51a2GRMZM2G084762Leptene-zygoteneRecombination, required for homologous pairingLi et al. 2007OnOnOnOnOn
Homologs of Meiotic Factors
SPO11-1GRMZM2G129913Leptene-zygoteneMeiotic DSB formationYu et al. 2010OnOnOnOnOn
SPO11-2GRMZM5G890820Leptene-zygoteneMeiotic DSB formationYu et al. 2010N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
SPO11-3GRMZM2G052581Leptene-zygoteneMeiotic DSB formationYu et al. 2010OnOnOnOnOn
Rad51bAC219006.2_FG007ZygoteneRecombinationLin et al. 2006OnOnOnOnOn
Rad51cGRMZM2G123089ZygoteneRecombinationLin et al. 2006OnOnOnOnOn
Rad51dGRMZM2G055464ZygoteneRecombinationLin et al. 2006OnOnOnOnOn
XRCC3GRMZM2G157817ZygoteneRecombinationLin et al. 2006OnOnOnOnOn
ZEP1/ZYP1GRMZM2G143590ZygoteneComponent of the synaptonemal complex, regulates the numbers of crossoversWang et al. 2010bOnOnOnOnOn
  • Expression patterns during early anther development are indicated at five developmental stages. Gene expression marked as “N/A” for genes not represented on the microarray.