Table 2 GO terms that were significantly enriched in the list of genetically interacting genes under all conditions using DAVID
QueryGO TermFold Enrichmentq-value (Benjamini)
RTT107Cell-cycle checkpoint2.952.56E-02
SLX4DNA metabolic process2.546.22E-07
Response to DNA damage stimulus2.531.87E-05
DNA recombination4.091.29E-05
DNA repair2.594.70E-05
Recombinational repair4.916.39E-04
DNA replication3.037.59E-04
Postreplication repair5.451.94E-02
Cellular response to stress1.782.31E-02
HRQ1DNA metabolic process2.838.29E-08
DNA recombination4.647.05E-06
Response to DNA damage stimulus2.775.32E-06
DNA repair2.908.83E-06
DNA replication3.442.28E-04
Cellular response to stress2.089.93E-04
Postreplication repair6.525.21E-03
Recombinational repair4.895.12E-03
DNA-dependent DNA replication3.916.35E-03
Double-strand break repair3.671.13E-02
Double-strand break repair via single-strand annealing7.342.97E-02
  • GO, Gene Ontology; DAVID, Database for Annotation, Visualization, and Integrated Discovery.