Table 1 Statistics from RNA-seq–based sequencing, assembling, and functional annotation for D. antiqua
Sequencing resultsN of total raw reads53,814,782
N of total clean reads51,497,228
N of total clean nucleotides (nt)4,634,750,520
Q20 percentage of total clean reads98.24%
GC percentage of total clean nucleotides39.03%
N percentage of total clean nucleotides0.00%
Assembling resultsN of unigenes29,659 (4507 into distinct clusters; 25,152 singletons)
Total length (nt) of total unigenes18,008,540
Mean length (nt) of total unigenes607
N50 (nt) of total unigenes818
AnnotationUnigenes with Nr database21,050 (71.0%)
(E-value≤1e−5)Unigenes with Nt database10,058 (33.9%)
Unigenes with Swiss-Prot database15,886 (53.6%)
Unigenes with KEGG database14,147 (47.7%), 257 pathways
Unigenes with COG database6600 (22.3%), 25 functional categories
Unigenes with GO database13,238 (44.6%), 60 subcategories belonging to 3 main categories
Biological process25 subcategories
Cellular component18 subcategories
Molecular function17 subcategories
Total unigenes annotated21,605 (72.8% of 29,659 unigenes)