Table 2 Summary of the phenotypes observed for strains carrying deletions of zinc cluster genes
Zinc Cluster Gene DeletedFluconazoleKetoconazoleMicafunginH2O242°CaffeineLiClSDS
CgZCF1 (PDR1)Highly sens.Highly sens.Not testedNot testedNot testedNot testedNot testedNot tested
CgZCF4Slightly sens.Sens.Res.
CgZCF7Slightly sens.Sens.Sens.Sens.
CgZCF9Slightly sens.Sens.
CgZCF10Slightly sens.Sens.Res.
CgZCF12Slightly sens.Sens.
CgZCF16Slightly sens.Sens
CgZCF18Slightly sens.Sens.
CgZCF20Slightly sens.Sens.Sens.Slightly sens.
CgZCF23Slightly sens.Sens.
CgZCF24 (STB5)Slightly sens.Sens.Slightly sens.Sens.Res.
CgZCF26Slightly sens.Slightly sens.Res.
CgZCF27Slightly sens..Sens.
CgZCF29Slightly sens.Sens.
CgZCF31Slightly sens.Sens.
CgZCF33Slightly sens.Sens.
CgZCF36Slightly sens.Sens.Res.
CgZCF37Slightly sens.Sens.Res.
CgZCF39Slightly sens.Slightly sens.Res.
  • For azoles compounds, a deletion strain was scored as sensitive if the MIC difference with the wild-type stain was 2 or more (see Table 3). CgZCF5, CgZCF41, and the essential genes CgZCF11, CgZCF13 were not included in the phenotypic analysis. See the Results section as well as Figure S1 for spotting assays. SDS, sodium dodecyl sulfate; Sens., sensitive; Res., resistant.