Table 2 Wnt signaling regulates the temporal but not spatial expression of several col genes
  • Arrays containing transcriptional reporters col-38p::YFP, col-49p::YFP, and bli-1::YFP were crossed into strains carrying the integrated arrays hs::control, hs::ΔNTbar-1, and hs::ΔNTpop-1. Each of the resulting nine strains was developmentally synchronized by starvation and L1 feeding, then given a heat shock at the L2/L3 molt. YFP expression was scored at the L3 (columns 2 and 3; 25 hr postfeeding), L4 (columns 4 and 5; 40 hr postfeeding), and young adult stages (columns 6 and 7; 50 hr postfeeding). The number of animals scored and percent of animals showing any YFP expression in hypodermal cells is indicated.

  • * P < 0.05; **P < 0.0001 (Fisher’s exact t-test) significant difference in expression compared with the hs::control strain