Table 3 Molecular lesions of armitage alleles
Allele NameAmino Acid ChangeDomaingrk MislocalizationEggs Laid by Hemizygous Females
3R13, 9R1Q315 > stopC-terminal truncation+
11R3G583 > DUnknown domain+
14P4Q674 > stopC-terminal truncation+
13P2G728 > EHelicase domain+
10M12Splicing donor of intron 7 (GT to AT)Exon 8 skipped, which truncates after aa 1082+
11S9E1082 > KHelicase domain++
13P5R1121 > stopC-terminus of helicase domain truncated+
  • The helicase domain lies between amino acids 698−1132 of the 1188 amino acids Genbank accession no ABX00729.1. Df(3L)E1 was used to make flies hemizygous for each allele.