Table 1 Validated Wnt target genes
GeneProteinMAqPCRqPCRqPCRDAF-16 depClassqPCRqPCRTimeExpression Pattern
bli-1Collagen6.513.643.50.6n20.57.9yAdL4 peak
col-38Collagen4.812.762.20.3n10.22.8yAdL4 peak
col-49Collagen3.914.313.80.2n10.12.5yAdL4 peak
col-71Collagen3.614.536.90.6n20.23.2yAdL4 peak
dao-4Novel6. peak
sptf-2Zinc finger2.
Y41C4A.11Novel20. peak
arf-1.1ADP-ribosylation factor21.
cgt-2Ceramide glucosyltransferases2.
fbxa-116F box protein3.63.0nd0.3nd11.00.1L1Flat
srw-937TM receptor3.33.374.50.5n11.00.1L3Flat
dod-23Novel3.34.6129.80.1n14.51.0yAdL4 peak
  • Twenty-two genes that were up-regulated 60 min after expression of ΔNTBAR-1 at the L2/L3 molt are shown; gene name (column 1) and encoded protein function, if known (column 2), are shown. Columns 3 and 4 show the average fold change after ΔNTBAR-1 expression in microarray (MA) and qPCR experiments, respectively. Column 5 shows average fold change after ΔNTBAR-1 expression in a daf-16 mutant background. Column 6 shows average fold change after ΔNTPOP-1 expression at a similar time point. Column 7 indicates if an increase in expression after exposure to ΔNTBAR-1 was dependent on DAF-16 function. In column 8, class 1 genes show increased expression with ΔNTBAR-1 and decreased expression with ΔNTPOP-1; class 2 genes show increased expression with ΔNTBAR-1 and no change with ΔNTPOP-1. Columns 9 and 10 show average fold change in strains with reduced Wnt signaling (bar-1(ga80)) or increased Wnt signaling (pry-1(mu38)), respectively; for each gene, the analysis was performed at the time point indicated in column 11. Column 12 shows expression pattern based on YFP reporter gene expression, as described in the text. Y, yes; n, no; nd, not determined; yAd, young adult. Average fold change is the average increase in expression of triplicate experiments; experiments performed by heat shock expression at the L2/L3 molt (columns 3− 6) were compared with heat shock control animals; experiment with bar-1 and pry-1 mutant strains (columns 9 and 10) were compared with N2 control animals. MA, microarray; qRT-PCR, quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction.