Table 4 Segregation analysis of double mutants
Cross (Relevant Genotypes)Total TetradsNo. Viable Spores
ESS1 x swi4Δ2258720
ess1H164R x swi4Δ23118400
ESS1 x swi6Δ311514200
ess1H164R x swi6Δ34320461
ESS1 x whi3Δ24175200
ess1H164R x whi3Δ24166110
ESS1 x whi5Δ21142500
ess1H164R x whi5Δ24203100
ESS1 x mbp1Δ23516200
ess1H164R x mbp1Δ231011200
  • Strains used in crosses: ESS1 = YDA579; ess1H164R = YDA582; deletion mutants are from EUROSCARF collection. Frequency in which the dead spore is a double mutant (deduced) in tetrads with 3:1 segregation for growth: ess1H164R swi4Δ = 6/8; ess1H164R swi6Δ = 16/20; ess1H164R whi3Δ = 2/6; ess1H164R whi5Δ = 0/3; and ess1H164R mbp1Δ = 3/11.