Table 2 Assembly error and corrections
Standard AssemblyRPGC Assembly
# pairs of candidate split lociN/A31
# pairs of candidate split loci with markersN/A16
# pairs of loci split99
# pairs of loci correctly identified as splitN/A8
Length of split loci in assemblya19,503 bp32,354 bp
Length of split loci corrected in assembly030,927 bp
# pairs of candidate collapsed lociN/A69
# pairs of loci collapsed4468
# pairs of loci correctly identified as collapsedN/A68
Length of collapsed loci in assembly73,693 bp156,468 bp
Length of collapsed loci reassembled in assembly019,505 bp
  • a The total single-locus length of loci confirmed as split into two loci. RPGC, recombinant population genome construction; N/A, not applicable.