Table 1 Original Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome sequencing project
ChromosomeLength (bp)Sequencing CoordinatorOriginal StrainaSequencing MethodologyInitial ReleaseUpdated Versions
I230,218H. Bussey, CanadaAB972Manual, automatedApril 199511
II813,184H. Feldmann, GermanyS288CDiverse methods in collaborating laboratoriesDecember 199413
III316,620S. Oliver, EnglandXJ24-24a, AB972, A364A, DC5Diverse methods in collaborating laboratoriesMay 19925
IV1,531,933C. Jacq, FranceAB972, FY1679AutomatedMay 199710
B. Barrell, England
M. Johnston, United States
R. Davis, United States
V576,874R. Davis, United StatesAB972AutomatedMay 19971
VI270,161Y. Murakami, JapanAB972Automated shotgun, primer walkingJuly 19953
VII1,090,940H. Tettelin, BelgiumFY1679Diverse methods in collaborating laboratoriesMay 19979
VIII562,643M. Johnston, United StatesAB972Diverse methods in collaborating laboratoriesSeptember 19944
IX439,888B. Barrell, EnglandAB972Shotgun, primer walkingMay 19970
X745,751F. Galibert, FranceFY1679Diverse methods in collaborating laboratoriesSeptember 199610
XI666,816B. Dujon, FranceFY1679Diverse methods in collaborating laboratoriesJune 19949
XII1,078,177J. Hoheisel, GermanyAB972Diverse methods in collaborating laboratoriesMay 19974
M. Johnston, United States
XIII924,431B. Barrell, EnglandAB972Automated shotgun, primer walkingMay 19971
XIV784,333P. Philippsen, SwitzerlandFY1679, A364ADiverse methods in collaborating laboratoriesApril 19968
XV1,091,291B. Dujon, FranceFY1679Manual, automated, shotgun, primer walkingMay 19975
XVI948,066A. Goffeau, BelgiumAB972Automated shotgun, primer walkingMay 19972
H. Bussey, Canada
R. Davis, United States
B. Barrell, England
M. Johnston, United States
  • The original Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome sequencing project was a worldwide collaboration and chromosome sequences were subsequently updated independently numerous times before the recent major genome update.

  • a All strains are derived from S288C.