Table 6 Differential expression of cnidarian contigsa
No. of ContigsShared (%d,e)
Contig BehaviorbExperiment 1c,dExperiment 2cTotalUnannotated
Upregulated11093093456 (41)53 (5)
Upregulated ≥5-fold13863179 (57)17 (12)f
Downregulated10362905464 (45)48 (5)
Downregulated ≥5-fold233886 (26)4 (17)
  • a Classified as cnidarian by TopSort and confirmed by genomic match (see Table 2).

  • b Expression in symbiotic relative to aposymbiotic anemones. In all cases shown, the difference in expression was significant at a false-discovery-rate-adjusted P ≤ 0.1.

  • c For experimental conditions, see Materials and Methods and Table 1.

  • d Complete lists of the 2145 differentially expressed contigs from experiment 1 and the 920 contigs that were differentially expressed in both experiments are provided in the Supporting File S2 and File S3 (note that each spreadsheet contains multiple sheets).

  • e The percentage in each case is the number shared divided by the number from experiment 1.

  • f Four of these 17 contigs had ORFs that were >100 codons in length.