Table 3 Size distributions of the representative contigs
No. of contigs26,21922,6683830
Median contig size (bp)164411441474
Mean contig size (bp)222713551789
Minimum contig size (bp)106108102
Maximum contig size (bp)32,510b20,50818,089
Total length of contigs (Mb)58317
  • a Includes both the contigs classified as “ambiguous” (see text) and those classified as fungal or bacterial.

  • b Some of the very long contigs may represent hairpin or chimeric assemblies, a possibility that we have not explored in detail. However, the predicted product of the 32,510-bp contig actually aligns to a portion of titin, a muscle protein that is the largest known protein (Labeit and Kolmerer 1995) and ranges in size from 27,000 to 33,000 amino acids in humans, depending on the splice isoform (Labeit and Kolmerer 1995; Bang et al. 2001).