Table 4 Genetic architecture fit to theory
Signal Interaction
Independent SignalingANDOR
Theoretical expectationsaIf signals are entirely separate, then there will be no QTL that affects both stresses, so all QTL found in combination stress should also be found in the single-stress conditionThe combination QTL will be a mixture of novel loci and loci that are found in single-stress conditions, so at least some single-stress condition QTL should also be seen as a combination stress QTLThe same loci should contain QTL for each stress and for the combination, with the combination allele effect being the sum of the two single allele effects
ObservationsThis pattern was never seenA mix of novel and single was observed, but there was no case in which a single-stress QTL was also a combination stress QTL with the same allele effectObserved in leaf bin 7.00 and in root bin 2.04 IBM QTL
  • a The expectations from the positive-edge networks displayed in Figure 1 are described in this row.