Table 3 NAM QTL for root biomass
Regulation PatternEnvironmentMarkerPopulationSignificant AlleleAllele Effecta± SEP Value of Marker× EnvironmentChromosomeLocation (cM)Bin
B73 dose-dependent or combined stress only; CML277 allele single-stress effects lost in combined stressTwo-stressPZA01422.3 to PZA03231.1bCML277B73−0.53 ± 0.270.0001447.7–57.94.04–4.05
DroughtCML2770.58 ± 0.27
UVCML2770.55 ± 0.27
Dose-dependent or combined stress only effectTwo-stressPZA01456.2M37WM37W0.55 ± 0.240.00161061.610.04
  • a Allele effects are given relative to the population mean, with negative estimates indicating that the allele confers less growth than the average.

  • b This region includes the centromere of chromosome 4. Markers across the specified region have a consistent pattern of effects and P values. Allele effects and P values are given for the PZA00726.8/10 marker. Detailed information for each marker in this region may be found in the Supporting Information.