Table 1 Directional expression divergence between Malaysian and wine/European yeast in coregulated gene groups
GroupAnnotationUpregulatedAdjusted P
Node 7Ribosomal proteinsMalaysian<0.0001
AFT1 targetsIron homeostasisWine/European0.0078
Node 36EnzymesMalaysian0.0156
GO:0007039Vacuolar protein catabolic processMalaysian<0.0001
GO:0006519Cellular amino acid metabolic processWine/European0.0100
GO:0006725Cellular aromatic acid metabolic processWine/European0.0133
GO:0006811Ion transportWine/European0.0300
GO:0006082Organic acid metabolic processWine/European0.0320
GO:0006826Iron ion transportWine/European0.0400
GO:0055085Transmembrane transportWine/European0.0400
  • Each row reports the results of a test for expression changes of the same sign between Malaysian and wine/European strains in one group of functionally related genes. Group indicates identifier of regulon (Gasch et al. 2004) or Gene Ontology term. Upregulated, population with elevated expression. Adjusted P indicates significance of a two-sided resampling test relative to the genomic null for an extreme value of the sum, across genes of the indicated regulon, of the signs of the log2 ratio of expression in Malaysian yeast to wine/European yeast assessed using all isolates from each population and corrected for multiple testing with the Benjamini-Hochberg method. Shown is the set of tested groups significant at adjusted P < 0.05.