Table 2 Homeologies between Chinook salmon linkage groups with corresponding chromosome arms shown in parenthesis
Chinook Linkage Groups and ChromosomesChromosomesRainbow Trout Duplicated MarkersAncestral LG
1 and 23 (Ots17 and 15p)Omy15q and 21pOmm1077K
2 and 31 (Ots9q and 27)Omy12q and 13qOmm1274, Omm1218E
8 and 18q (Ots04q and 12))Omy6q and 26Omm1202, B6J
9 and 14 (Ots21 and 08q)Omy14q and 29Ogo2 UWGH
30 and 12 (Ots32 and 02p)Omy13p and 17qOMM1167, Omm 1330L
25 and 5 (Ots23 and 03p)Omy2p and 3pOmm1016, Omm5062, OtsG423UCDB
15 and 32 (Ots11p and 34)Omy19p and 10qOmm5017, Omm1657, Omm5106F
7 and 26 (Ots16q and 3p)Omy18q and 14pOmm3066B
  • The corresponding rainbow trout chromosome arms and the duplicated markers are also provided.