Table 3 A111T date estimation using 1000 Genomes Project data
PopulationChromosomesDifference TotalEffective Sample SizeDate, kya (95% Confidence Limits)
Combined1013822197.8 (4.8−12.2)
CEU165110136.4 (3.4−11.4)
GBR178136147.4 (4.1−12.4)
FIN180160108.6 (4.5−15.1)
TSI193105185.2 (2.9−9.0)
IBS282498.3 (4.2−15.0)
PUR+MXL+CLM23124916a10.4 (6.5−15.8)
  • Human-chimpanzee alignment contains 1227 differences in aligned length of 125,531, of total 127,419 nt in C+D region. When a divergence date of 6 million years ago is used, this corresponds to a per-site mutation rate of 8.1 × 10−10 year-1. Dates shown are not corrected for undercounting of rare polymorphisms. For combined C11 sample, distribution of variants suggests that tabulated dates should be multiplied by a factor of 1.58. kya, thousand years ago.

  • a Estimated effective samples sizes ranged from 9-13 for individual admixed New World samples.