Table 1 Genes that were positively selected with severe morphological defects
Sequence NameGene NameLGDescriptionPhenotype
C34G6.4pgp-2IABC transporter family, multidrug resistance familyRup
F39B2.4sur-2IMediator complex component, MED23Eiv
F39H11.3cdk-8ICyclin-dependent serine/threonine protein kinase, CDK8Eiv
C07G2.3cct-5IIICytosolic chaperoninRup, Lva
D2045.7IIISerine/threonine protein kinase/TGFβ-stimulated factorEmb
H14E04.5cic-1IIICDK8 kinase–activating protein, Cyclin CEiv
W09D10.4IIISerine/threonine protein phosphataseRup
  • Rup, ruptured; Eiv, exploded intestine through vulva; Lva, larval arrest; Emb, embryonic lethality.