Table 1 Names of marker sets used to estimate genotype-based relationship matrices
Chromosomes Used in Marker SetMarker Set Name When Polygenes and Markers Are
Completely LinkedIncompletely Linked
1–5CL (complete linkage only)IL (incomplete linkage only)
6–10UL (unlinked only)
1–10CUL (Both CL and UL)IUL (Both IL and UL)
1–10 + (11–15 choose one)aCUL + 1
  • QTL scans were only performed on chromosomes 11–15 with the following marker sets used to estimate relatedness. QTL, quantitative trait locus.

  • a Estimates of relatedness included chromosomes 1–10 and an additional chromosome selected from 11–15 such that the chromosome selected is the one being scanned, as described in the text.