Table 3 Summary of codon bias, GC content, gene size, and mRNA expression levels in the five codon usage groups
StatisticGroup 0Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4All
No. of loci396861115491213004623
Mean Nc49.7254.5453.5757.6354.6554.46
Mean Nc′42.5047.2154.7453.9350.8751.02
Mean GCcds0.5210.5170.4500.4810.4840.484
Mean GC30.6050.5960.4130.4910.5040.507
Mean GCi0.3530.3560.3450.3560.3500.351
Mean GCf0.3620.3680.3610.3680.3600.363
Mean number of codons458.5520.1478.0448.3572.7504.9
Mean number of exons7.877.607.966.4410.28.22
Mean transcript length, bp900414,12210,71411,78214,04812,351
Mean mRNA expression (AU)12,447.03051.03090.83142.23201.03926.0
  • mRNA, messenger RNA; AU, Arbitrary Units.