Table 3 Number of discovered and validated SNPs for intercept and slope for the traits on the log-scale
TraitDiscovery Dataset
(P ≤ 0.001)FDRValidation Dataset
(P ≤ 0.01)
Intercept ln(protein yield)4630.0756
Slope ln(protein yield)3130.1164
Intercept ln(fat yield)4690.07118
Slope ln(fat yield)3200.1180
Intercept ln(milk yield)4190.0887
Slope ln(milk yield)3860.0968
  • The FDR q-values (FDR) of the significant SNP with the largest error probability (p≈0.001) in the discovery dataset are shown. SNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism; FDR, false-discovery rate.